Kite Biographies

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Harm van Veen

One of the founders of the International Friends of Small Kites (IFOSK) van Veen, from the Netherlands, was the European voice of the movement....
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Nguyen Van Be

Be continues a family kite making tradition, making the traditional Vietnamese flute kite (the dieu sao, or dieu o) as well as a...
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Nop Velthuizen

Writer of several kite books, including two on sport kites, Nop is a pioneer in kite buggying, kite boarding, and kite sailing. He and wife,...
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Servaas van der Horst

From the Netherlands, van der Horst has written a number of sport kite books, including, Stunt Kites to Make and Fly, and Stunt Kites...
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Tom Van Sant

Tom’s spectacular kites, produced in the mid-1970s, remain astonishing. His trampoline train has fostered newer renditions, and his large...
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